Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 10 in 30 Finale

1. Make macaroons. I keep seeing them everywhere and they look delicious!
The way the tops of my macaroons looked, burned

 A Blog With No Name macaroons 
You be the judge...

2. Find out were I can locally find henna temporary tattoos and possibly try one.
  • I looked in a couple stores and they didn't sell henna but I'm going to keep looking. 
-Quick funny story. When I asked my mom if she knew of any store by the house that possibly sold henna, she kept thinking I was looking for the hair shine (also called henna apparently) and kept asking for it in places. Thanks mom, but hair shine isn't what I'm looking for, (but I may go home to find a bottle of hair shine in my room. haha) 

3. Finish out this semester strong! Only three weeks, only three weeks. 
  • I'm so close to summer, one more exam and I'm free! So far I've been doing really well though.

4. Take time to stop and think not just run through life. Take the time to stop focus on what is important in life and talk to my creator. 
  • From writing this till now I've had a lot of refocusing happening in my life on what is actually important. I'm very grateful for this month and what I've learned from it.

Via google

5. Watch AFI's 15 top movies of all time. I've already seen a couple

  1. Citizen Kane
  2. Casablanca 
  3. The Godfather
  4. Gone with the Wind
  5. Lawrence of Arabia
  6. The Wizard of Oz
  7. The Graduate
  8. On the Waterfront
  9. Schindler's List
  10. Singin' in the Rain
  11. It's a Wonderful Life
  12. Sunset Boulevard
  13. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  14. Some Like it Hot
  15. Star Wars 
  • The only movie from this list I watched was Gone with the Wind. It was very long, but it wasn't bad, and I failed making macaroons during it, but I did have a fun Saturday with one of my best friends. 

6.Use coupons when grocery shopping. I keep reading stories about how much money people are saving; I wonder how much I can save in a month?
  • I changed the couponing into buying as many "buy one, get one" deals as I could and cooking at my apartment. I ended up saving about half of my food budget, which was awesome, but expenses kept creeping up, so from that I have about 20 in my wallet. 

7. Have a good Easter with my family!

8. Dress up a little more. Don't always wear shorts and a t-shirt
  • Nope. I think I may have dressed up one day, but that's it. 

9. Start actively learning either Spanish or Italian
  • At first I started learning French, but then changed to Italian once I got a computer program for it. So far I know a couple words like la bambina is girl, and simple phrases like un uomo  guida la macchina- the man is driving a car. I'm really excited! 

10. Take at least an hour a day to take a break and relax.
  • Yes and No. This semester, and month especially, has been a busy one. I would say the most relaxing thing I did most days was listen to stand up comedy while studying. 
I'm pretty proud of myself this month. I actually accomplished most of my goals. Lets hope next month goes as well.


  1. My friend tried to make macaroons the other day. They didn't work either. Are the notoriously difficult to make?

    I've only ever seen The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars from that list. How shocking is that. And I love movies!

  2. @Sunny Sweet Pea
    The macaroons were actually pretty difficult. The main aspect that made them burn was the recipe said to bake them for 15 minutes when they only needed to be baked for about 5, but the ones that turned out good tasted like butter and sugar so I'm not sure how badly we messed up the recipe or if that's how they're suppose to taste.

  3. Followed you from the kittenbear site!
    Oh I LOVE movies and from your list I have not seen 1,3,7,8,12. I saw the first 15 min of #9 and had to leave it is so sad and knowing that it is based on a true story made it worse. But totally check out # 14 really funny and sweet!!!

    P.S I told people that I was 5'4 when I really was 5'3 3/4 sshhh it's a secret ;-)


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