Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gilmore Girls Taught Me...

Warning: If you haven't seen, or do not want spoilers about Gilmore Girls Stop now! If you are a Gilmore Girl, keep reading!
If I had to pick one show that has made the most impact in my life it would definitely be Gilmore Girls! I basically followed shortly behind Rory's life through the entire show. It is one of my  favorite memories of high school, watching this show with my mom. When I graduated high school I said "It's not so scary anymore." I say "You jump, I jump jack" in everyday life. I work in the hospitality industry because of Lorelai and The Independence Inn and eventually The Dragonfly Inn. I went to Yale on a family vacation so that I could "see" where Rory went to college, and on another vacation went to the set in Burbank California to see where it was filmed. I also keep playing with the thought of getting a coffee cup tattoo but can't quite bring myself to it, yet.
Needless to say, this is a very important show to me, and it will always be. I also think there are very true parts about this show that I've learned from. I learned that love is messy. Not only romantic love but also family love. There are things that happen that it's hard to move forward from. When you feel like you're losing someone close to you it makes you want to buy a plane or sometimes the person that you "want to want" isn't the person you know is right for you. On the other side, family connection also goes beyond what you think it could. The people who are close to you will still sleep in your dorm on the first night of college because they love you. They will still build you a chuppah or an ice skating rink because they want to see you happy. Now it's still a so your ice skating rink may be in the form of dinner being cooked after a hard day, but it's important to show that you care. Don't wait to show someone, especially family, that you love them until the last episode.
There are so many different seasons in life, and you can't ever have life fully figured out. There are aspects of life that you can. The priorities that you have need to be a priority, but somewhere along the way "Kirk" is going to come crashing through your diner wall and you have to pick up the pieces. I love watching though the seasons how Rory and Lorelai and every character evolve. Relationships become stronger and some disappear. The experiences you have in high school, college, or in your career only help to shape you. If someone is pinning a sign to your dorm room door, you never know who they could end up being in your life.
Coffee is the lifeblood of the work week. Coffee, coffee, coffee! I never understood how Lorelai could drink so much coffee, until I started working in the hospitality industry. I have coffee just about every morning now, and most mornings I'm not myself until I've had at least one cup. On the flip side of that, it's definitely not healthy to only drink coffee. Make sure your also drinking plenty of water. Added bonus tip, if you work around a lot of people, take daily vitamins too. There is no way in real life Lorelai wouldn't be fighting off illnesses of all kinds for as many different people you come in contact with in hotels. 
It's ok to talk fast, but you should also listen. I read that after working on the show for so long Alexis (Rory) and Lauren (Lorelai) had a hard time auditioning for other parts because they would talk too fast while reading though the script. On many occasions, I have been told that I speak too fast. Sorry, it's how I talk and it only becomes slurred, not slow, when I'm tired. I always love how fast the dialogue is in this show. When I watch back over episodes I catch different jokes that I didn't understand when I was watching it live. I love that, it keeps your mind quick.
If you want to do it, do it! Now, we might not all have wealthy grandparents that can help us through an ivy league education, but if you want something you can't let fear stop you from accomplishing your dreams. For years Lorelai and Sookie kept talking about opening an Inn but were nervous about that Mia would think they were betraying her in a way. I love that she was so supportive of their dream, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes, Mitchum Huntzburger happens. You have to know what you want, make sure it's what you want, and then try. If you fail "it will be the most exciting six months" of your life. Don't let the hatters *cough* Mitchum *cough* make you question everything.
Despite the Mitchums in the world, there are people out there who truly want to see you succeed in your career and life. Friends can be family too. No on can tell me that Sookie and Lorelai or Rory and Lane aren't family. Friendship is hard, especially if you're away at college and your best friend is still playing in her band far away, but if there are two people who are committed to working at a friendship, it will last. It's important to be there for your friends when they go on their honeymoon and come back pregnant, or need you to help with a Rune while they go on their first date. If you truly love your friends, even if you don't have siblings, your friends can become your family. 
I've learned so many things from this show about love, life, coffee, dreams, friends, and so much more. This could really go on for a very long time, because there is so much to connect with from Gilmore Girls. I still have, and watch, my old DVD sets. Remember when the DVDs first came out and they weren't sure how to make the season cases small so it would be literally about four inches thick? Every time I watch, it reminds me that life is something that is constantly changing and that career doesn't mean everything. Having people around that are a fun cast of characters is something that is priceless. 


  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Huge Gilmore fan here and yes, you are spot on. There was so much I learned about how messy life is and how to go after the things you want. Love this post! #ShareWithMe

    1. I completely agree! It's about making your someday list a start today list!

  2. I loved the Gilmore girls!!! Whoop Whoop I know I am way too old to use whoop whoop but for gilmore girls it's a must. Love this post. Totally agree! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. I just recently discovered Gilmore Girls and I am totally hooked! I am now in the beginning of the "Jessie" season. Addicted to Netflix and wondering why I have not watched Gilmore Girls soon enough! :)

    1. Ya I love gilmore girls!! It's such a great show.


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