Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 10 in 30 Finale

Uh! I couldn't get to interned for a week! It was a forced absence from technology; it was frustrating but at the same time nice to take a break. Back from LA and now suffering from time to waste though, we leave for Ohio in two days.

1.First and Formost- Safety for the trip! The farthest west I've been is Ohio, and that's definitely the eastern part of the United States, haha. Thank you God for keeping us safe!!
2. Buy a camera!! It would be very beneficial if I could get one this week so I could figure out how to use it before I leave. I really like my new camera, the only thing is that sometimes it acts up and starts blurring and making the color took artsy photos like this one night. It's kinda strange but I like this photo.

3. Go to local thrift shops while in LA. Hopefully I can find some good ones! I finally found some, and was super excited. I bought one top one skirt and a raincoat. 

4. Find books to read on the plane. I finally started reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman and I really like it. I'm about 1/3rd a way through!

5. I made my own summer book! Now my goal is to take a pictures while on my trips and actually put them in my summer book. Stared, now I just got to keep putting the pictures it. That's always where I fail, I take a bunch of pictures then they sit on my computer
With the Gilmore Girls house!! (From the tv show Gilmore Girls, it was a great show)
6. Work as much as I can till my trip. Done! I worked about thirty hours a week!

7. Go back and continue to learn Italian; I've been slacking. I'm trying to use the program as much as time will allow. 

8. Work out in the hotel gym. Yes! I worked out about half of the day's that I was there. I kept having to take breaks because it's hard to start cold turkey working out for an hour each time! 

9. Eat at some of the local "mom and pop" places in LA. Very much so a check! La is such a great place for food! 
10. Have my garage sale this weekend! I did, and I got enough money to help pay for some of the expenses of the trip. It was very good.


  1. So glad your LA trip went well, Joy! :D

    the food looks great and I'm impressed at how well you keep to your plans! That's so good! :) I totally make plans and...fall a little short lol! Things just pile up so much and it's like a topplin' book pile! Aghhh hahaha

    And I do like that artsy photo, very night scene of the city, kind of deal lol :)

  2. I love this! I totally believe in planning things out. I used to live in LA and your food pictures are making me so nostalgic!

  3. the food looks so yummy ! :D great post btw !:)


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