Friday, July 8, 2011

July 10 in 30

Ahh, I'm already failing this month...I haven't even thought about what my 10 in 30 is going to are your goals this month..the only goals I know are
A picture from my last visit..It made me laugh
1. Get some homemade goods from Ohio during my visit.

2. Get back on track with my schedule of focusing on the lessons for the Bible study for the upcoming school year.
3. I'm moving into a new apartment..therefore my goal is to decorate my room the way I want

4. Buy/make decorations and furniture for my room

5. Hopefully get a new job for the school year

That is all I got... oh no. I'll think of more and update the list

6. Finish reading The Princess Bride and The HOBBIT. I started both in the last two months and finished neither. (updated July 13) 

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  1. Awe these are already really good goals, Joy! :) You only need 5 more! I think your biggest issues are the apartment and finding a job. I hope those work out! :D


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