Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 Road Trip Must Haves

We drove to Ohio yesterday/today. Some road trip must haves!
1. Motion Sickness pills. I didn't bring one with me and paid for it! We had to stop and get some.
2. An adapter that can plug your computer into the cigarette lighter. This is the most important technology I bring! It may look a little funny at first but trust me this will save you when your computer battery gets low. (There are two pictures of it because it's hard to describe how it looks without visual aids.)
3. GPS. No more getting lost 
4. A book, music, dvds or all of the above. When you're locked in a car for hours on end it's all about keeping yourself entertained. 
5. A pillow and a blanket. This may seem a little like I'm three, but it's so nice to have something comfortable to take a nap with.
6. Water and food. It's really important to keep yourself hydrated and well fed; if you think you can make it without, pack something just in case. Water is a must have! 
7. A Camera. It doesn't matter if it's a throwaway one or a 2,000 dollar camera. If you can document your trip years down the road you will remember a lot more details than you would have without pictures. 

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