Monday, June 20, 2011

June 10 in 30 mid-month update

I'm in LA!! I can't believe it. I've been so looking forward to this trip and it's finally here! 

1.First and Formost- Safety for the trip! The farthest west I've been is Ohio, and that's definitely the eastern part of the United States, haha. So far so good
2. Buy a camera!! It would be very beneficial if I could get one this week so I could figure out how to use it before I leave. I have my new camera, and it's such an upgrade from my other camera! It's a purple Nikon coolpix and I love it!

3. Go to local thrift shops while in LA. Hopefully I can find some good ones! Not yet, I'm still looking, but I have been to plenty of boutiques. I didn't buy anything though because even a simple tank top was about 90 and I don't have that kind of money to spend.

4. Find books to read on the plane. I brought The Princess Bride by William Goldman, I've had it for a few months now and haven't gotten to read it yet, it's killing me! 

5. I made my own summer book! Now my goal is to take a pictures while on my trips and actually put them in my summer book. Plenty of pictures have been taken already and it's only been one day, now to find a way to print them off?
6. Work as much as I can till my trip. Done! I worked about thirty hours a week!

7. Go back and continue to learn Italian; I've been slacking. I haven't even opened the book since writing this...oops.

8. Work out in the hotel gym. Nope

9. Eat at some of the local "mom and pop" places in LA. So I'm starting to realize that there aren't really the same type of "mom and pop" places in LA as there are back home. The places here are less mom and pop and more cool indie places that if you don't know how to get to them you're most likely not going to find them. My best friend's cousins live here though and do know where to go, they've been so nice and really helpful. We ate at a burger place last night that had the best burgers I have ever eaten!! And to top it off I had some sweet potato fries to go with it! I'm hungry writing this and now want to eat there for every meal! 
10. Have my garage sale this weekend! I did, and I got enough money to help pay for some of the expenses of the trip. It was very good.

I'm so excited looking over all my goals for this month seeing I've been doing really well. I think this has been my best month so far!


  1. Mmm, that burger looks delicious! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  2. i hope you find some good thrift shops to scour! wasteland on melrose is always fun (it can be a bit pricey but sometimes not)!

  3. Never heard of these "mom and pop" places. What's that exactly? But the burger looks beyond delicious!!
    Awww, I want to read "The Princess Bride" very badly, too - for years. It's supposed to be really great, right? Let me know how you liked it!

    Have a happy weekend.
    And thanks for stopping by.
    Lots of love. XOXO.

  4. @♥ Nadine ♥They're locally owned places; the "mom and pop" places are what I call the places that are owned by a grandmother and grandfather who own their own place. And ya, "The Princess Bride" is supposed to be really good, I'm only like 30 pages in though so I don't have a clear stance on the book yet.


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