Monday, July 18, 2011

July 10 in 30 mid-month update

Uh, this month is such a failure in the 10 in 30 aspect of it. Last month I did so well; I guess that's the way life goes.
I had never seen one this close before, they're huge!
1. Get some homemade goods from Ohio during my visit. I did this one actually. I got a candle and a cup that I'm going to use as a pencil holder for my desk. 

2. Get back on track with my schedule of focusing on the lessons for the Bible study for the upcoming school year. I have looked over the lessons. I also do a dinner for the Bible study every Thursday night and I'm trying to come up with some cheep, healthy, fast meals that we can cook. (Ya try that combination together, it's harder than I thought last year when I first started out.)

3. I'm moving into a new apartment..therefore my goal is to decorate my room the way I want. I haven't moved yet; that's next week.

4. Buy/ make decorations and furniture for my room. Nope, I made a bookmark though, haha. I don't think that counts

5. Hopefully get a new job for the school year. I have to call when I get home and set up an interview. 
Two things simultaneously flew into my mind when I saw him. 1) Please don't fall. 2) I'm glad that's not my job.
6. Finish reading The Princess Bride and the HOBBIT. I started both in the last two months but finished neither. I finished The Princess Bride. As soon as I got into it, it took me about two days and the book was finished. It was really good!

7. Research what a Roth IRA is and maybe open one. I've heard the earlier you open one the better, but I'm not sure yet. I'm calling someone, hopefully in the next two days, to figure things out.

8. Finalize my school class schedule for the fall. Not yet
Little cousin and I fell asleep while watching Aladdin. It was past our bedtime. 
9. Try to bake something I haven't  tried before. Not by my kitchen

10. Go to my local flee market. Not yet, but I really want to do this one!

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  1. Sounds like a good list and it's okay that you didn't get all of it done! It happens because life just gets so caught up in itself!

    It's really adorable you and your cousin fell asleep to Aladdin. :) I've been trying to find my VHS Disney movies!


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