Monday, November 7, 2011

November 10 in 30

It's been forever!! My life lately has been so busy, I have so many blogposts to read and post, ahh. I've had this list sitting here for about 6 days now, So whether or not I like it, I'm posting it. I just really want to post this before I over think it again! Have a great day! And I would love to know...what are your goals for this month?

1. See if I can get a new job. I would love to work at a small inn!!

2. Decorate my room for Christmas.
3. Focus on school and my tests. It's November and one week into December and the semesters over.

4. Make at least two payments towards my trip in January.

5. Go rolerskating.
6. Buy a new sweater, I only have one that I wear almost every day.

7. Take time each day to stop doing other things and study.

8. Get back to journaling, I really miss it/ make time to journal and not got to bed so late that I have no time to journal.

9. Take more pictures.
10. Begin the DIY on my livingroom wall and coffee table.

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