Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slavery Still Exists

To start off the year I got the opportunity go to to Passion. Conference 2012. Passion is a group of 18-25 year old students and college age students who gather in Atlanta Georgia at the beginning of each year to grow closer to Jesus. God did so many amazing things this year during Passion. The focus was on slavery from bondage, both labor and sexual.
 Did you know that today there are 27 million men, women, boys, and girls in slavery around the world? I know I didn't. That is more than any other time in history, yet their stories are going untold. Think of the largest crowd of people you have ever been in, maybe it was at a concert or at your school. Now no matter how large that crowd of people was imagine if every one in that crowd was a slave. It's pretty unbelievable once you start to think of it that way.
Many of the products we buy are unknowingly, to us, being made by slaves. And there are so many young girls and boys who are being sold into sex trafficking. I do not say this to make you feel guilty or sad but I do say this to make you aware and hopefully to inspire you to do something now to stop it! There are so many great causes you can volunteer at or donate money to, but don't make this a cause you send money to but that's all. These aren't statistics these are people who every day wake up with no hope. They need to be rescued and we CAN do it.  
One resource I know that is a great one is do something now, but you can also do research and get involved with any other great one. If you decide to donate, first take time to research and look around the website and pray for those who are in such imaginable circumstances. To start off this year you can do something to aid those in need! 
This past week has been so convicting to me about how I say that I follow Jesus, but how often I live as though He is a part of my life but not my goal and my everything. I pray you have a great week and if you are starting school have a smooth transition.

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