Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stacking Bracelet DIY

The look of stacked bracelets is something that is timeless. One of my favorites is when I see people building it around a watch and wearing a feminine skirt or flowy blouse with it. Shopping for bracelets can get expensive so why not try to make your own? The total cost was around five dollars and there are still enough supplies to make more!
-Any sort of crafting wire. I used 24 mm wire because my beads had a small hole, and it was easy to bend.
-Beads. These could be colored, black and white, anything! I used multicolored pearl ones because I wanted my bracelet to be more feminine.
-Clasps. My first attempt at this bracelet I finished it with a bead. It worked at first but after a couple minutes the bracelet kept falling off. The best solution is sometimes the simplest, a clasp.
-Pliers. These come in handy when attaching the clasp.
1. Size your wrist and cut out however much wire you need. 
I wrapped mine around twice because I like the look better.
2. Make one end of your bracelet
3. Add your beads
4. Finish off your bracelet by adding the other end.
5. Stack your bracelets!

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