Friday, April 6, 2012


The 5 year olds got it right!
My life as of late has become rather stressful. I know summer is coming and that's basically the fact that is getting me through these next few weeks. My little blog here has always been a place where I've felt like myself, but when I look over it there are still so many aspects of myself that I keep to myself. I've read a lot of posts from other blogs about networking and how to connect with people, but to tell you the truth that's something I've never been good at. I love making friends and meeting new people but when it comes to networking myself, nope, I'm really bad at it. 
Remember when you were young and you could just have met a new person but already you were friends and playing during recess? I wish that when we get older we didn't lose that aspect of ourselves. Jesus made us and he makes no mistakes. He made us to have a relationship with Him and with people so why do we mess it up all the time? 
I try my hardest to make this a cute little blog with randomness that brings a little joy, pun intended, to whoever reads it, but I wanted to let you know who I am and a little bit into my mindset. I love making new friends and learning so always feel free to start a conversation. I'm still the kid that loves learning about languages, art, books, basketball, diy, clothes, the coolest tv show right now, how to crochet (which I do really want to learn), the best old Hollywood movies, the best recipe you've ever made, or basically anything else. My personality has a little bit of everything and that's why my blog does to. I hope you have a great weekend, it's getting super hot in Florida which equals me wanting to go to the beach. Hold of for two more weeks then beach, you can do it!

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  1. Hey Joy! I tagged you in a "Get to Know Me" post, and I hope you'll participate ^_^ Hopefully, it'll help you out with some networking. You could also join a blog hop too, it's a great way to meet other bloggers (:

    <3 Amanda,


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