Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel Wall Art DIY

My computer is back and virus free, yay! And to celebrate I crafted, just kidding, but I did make a simple wall art design to update my previous one, take a look.
Whenever I'm out and about I'm always looking for potential DIY projects. At a store the other day I saw these beautiful letters cut out of paper, but they were $70, ya not in my budget. So I figured why can't I make my own? So I did. The supplies were super easy and versatile, so it's a win win. You can use any paper you want, I chose a world map because of my travel subject. I might do a updated 3d project with my letters, but for now I'm happy with the way they turned out.
The longest part is trying to make sure all your letters are around the same height. The way I cheated was to use a world map book instead of an actual map, this way I could use one page per letter and not have to spend all my time measuring.
I placed them on the ground next to each other; each new letter I cut out made me excited and closer to updating my pinwheel wall I made before, when I was suppose to be studying for exams, oops. I like how it turned out though, what do you think?

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