Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jack O' Lanterns, The cute, the awesome and the unique

I know this is very heathen to say, but I have never carved a pumpkin! I know, depressing. This year I'm committed to changing that fact! I think next week is the week, and I'm planning which way I want to go with my pumpkin. Although he will probably end up being a simple smile face pumpkin these are all so great!

The Cute: This little guy looks like so awesome! Maybe if I try to carve multiple pumpkins this year I will try to carve a smile like this one.

Our 2013 Jack O Lantern

The Awesome: This is so detailed and realistic! In my dreams & many years of practice maybe I'll get to this level. She even has Toto with her!

14 Amazing Movie Inspired Jack-o-Lanterns - Smashcave

The Unique: Pumpkin coffee with pumpkins built in= awesome pumpkin overload!
What's your favorite pumpkin carving you've seen or done?

Jack o Lantern coffee drinks coffee autumn halloween pumpkins

All pictures found on pinterest!


  1. Be prepared for the pumpkin guts! It's the worst (but kind of the best) part of carving a pumpkin! And don't forget to roast the seeds with a little salt, so yummy! Can't wait to see pics of your Jack - o - Lantern!

  2. oh my goodness! NEVER EVER?! I'm so glad you are changing that!! Your hands may itch because pumpkin is a natural exfoliant. :) But other than that- it's fantastic! (plus, it's actually great for your skin)

  3. I can't believe you haven't carved a pumpkin before, hopefully you have had a chance to do so by now (; That Wizard of Oz pumpkin is intense!

    Dearest Lou


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