Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 10 in 30 finale

Here's a wrap up of my October 10 in 30. I unfortunately forgot about all the candy and goodies that come along with October, this maybe wasn't the best month to try to start a workout routine. Let's see how I did

1. Decorate the house for fall.

- Check! There are cobwebs and gourds everywhere. We also have three carved pumpkins and a little scarecrow guarding the table.

2. Start some sort of workout plan. 
- I started stretching more regularly, but I basically ate a lot of candy.

3. Bake two new pumpkin recipes I've never tried before. Hence the need for #2.
- 2 batches of pumpkin muffins were made. I'm going to carry this goal over for the rest of fall! And try a bunch of recipes from pinterest and once discovered from other lovely bloggers! If you have one, link it up and I'll try it!

Above are all my Halloween costumes this year, if you can figure out what the left one is, you get two points, and I'll be very impressed!

4. Have at least two more of my mini "escapes to another country" via Epcot.
-I had one mini escape, it was very relaxing. I love even a few hours of escape from everyday routines. It helps me to refocus and calm my mind.

5. Finish organizing my closet.
-Seeing that last night I tried on almost everything in my closet before I figured out what to dress as, I'm going with nope. The pile in my closet would argue with me if I even tried to say I completed this.

6. Stay up to date with all of my schoolwork. 
-So far so good. Two months to go. I do need to read a few chapters today though.
The poor little guys are all rained on, but they still look awesome.

7. Put up the curtains in the living room. It's been a month and a half, and it's really a bummer that I have the curtains but I just don't have a rod to put them up.
-Yes! I am very pleased to say that there are now curtains in the living room. It makes the room feel more like a home.

8. Eat at three new restaurants I've never eaten at before. I always hear of so many great places in the area but never find the time to try any of them out. This will be the month!
-I haven't been counting, but I've eaten at at least two new places. Not sure if I made it to three or not.

9. Make my first ever jack-o-lantern. I've never made one, and I really want to try to carve a pumpkin! And then bake the seeds! Snack + crafting = perfect afternoon.
I did indeed! Check out how cool my pumpkin looks!

10. Doctor Who is back on the 23rd!! So excited. And then Thor: The Dark World on the 8th!!
I'm carrying these over too because they're both in November, so excited!!
All images that I didn't take are from my pinterest

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