Monday, January 31, 2011

Life List

I've always heard the term "bucket list" and never really like it.  I just kept thinking what happens if I actually do all those things like I'm planning to-I die? So instead I call this my Life List and every time I cross one of these off I'm going to add another because it's so much more fun that way! There are major things I want to do in my lifetime, like follow God with all my heart and mind, get married, and have children are the most important things to me, but these are more of the random things I really want to accomplish, in no specific order. If you have a "Life List" or just think there's something I should add, let me know! :)
  • Travel around Europe
  • Work at Disney YAY!!! First goal down 
  • Spend at least a month vacation in California
  • Get a black belt in martial arts
  • Be able to communicate in Spanish, French, and Italian
  • Have a home library of books I've actually read
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Take dance lessons- and get good at it
  • Have a spa weekend-and relax
  • Own a classic Burberry trench
  • I want to say to bungee jumping- but I feel like it would freak me out too much- so it's half way on the list (yes I can do that it's my list :p)
  • Go on an awesome road trip
  • Be able to make my own clothes (if desired) 
  • See the Grand Canyon, and the Northern Lights
  • Visit at least four of the seven wonders of the world
  • Visit the Louvre
  • Participate in the La Tomatina food fight
  • Go to Seattle's Pike Place Market
  • Become a really good cook
  • Read all the lord of the rings books
  • Build a habitat for humanity home
  • Have my own garden- both a eat out of one- and a pretty flower one
  • Not be afraid to try/ reach for my dreams/ not make this just a list I will never do
  • Find my dream career- go for it- and maybe start my own business
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Make my house awesome- sound like I'm 12 but come one who doesn't want an awesome house
  • Not pay attention to what time it is
  • Celebrate life
  • See a Broadway Play
  • Go to Vancouver Canada 
  • Take my dad to Scotland
  • Hold or pet an owl
  • See the ball drop on new years eve in time square
  • Sponsor a child in need (added 10-17-11)
  • Turn my vintage hobby into something I can make an income from (added 7-20-13)
What's on your Life List?

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