Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 10 in 30 mid-month update

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1. Save up for a new camera to take to California. Any thoughts on Cannon vs. Nikon? Not yet, I'm still saving

2. Pre pay my car insurance for the next four months. I have the money I need, now my work just needs to pay me!

3. Work, a lot! and save that money. I'm definitely fulfilling this one. I've been working crazy hours every week trying to save up for car insurance/a camera/ rent/ life

4. Make a patchwork quilt to take to the beach. Not yet, it's much harder than I thought, and every time I look for fabric I get overwhelmed and confused on what kind of fabric I want/ am supposed to use.
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5. Actually go to the beach. I went once so far. I had plans to go a couple more times, but there are lovebugs everywhere. (If you don't know what lovebugs are or have never had to live with them flying everywhere, trying to get into your car/hair/everywhere consider yourself blessed.) 

6. Find some new shoes for summer. I found a pair I really want, but they're heels and not very practical. What I really need is a couple nice pairs of gladiator sandals, but I haven't found a pair. 

7. Find a good book to read this month. Found one, The Hobbit :) 
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8. Buy a map of the world and mark the places I want to visit. Nope

9. Organize the yard sale piles/ find new items to go into the piles/ find a weekend to have the yard sale. Kind of. I've added a couple things of things to the pile, but haven't organized anything 

10. Start a recipe book. I made a recipe book! It's really cute. It's the first picture

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