Monday, June 6, 2011

June 10 in 30

I'm so excited because this month I get to go to LA!! So most of my goals for this month are surrounding that trip.

1.First and Formost- Safety for the trip! The farthest west I've been is Ohio, and that's definitely the eastern part of the United States, haha.
My mom in LA back in the 80's. I love that her clothes are still in style!
2. Buy a camera!! It would be very beneficial if I could get one this week so I could figure out how to use it before I leave.

3. Go to local thrift shops while in LA. Hopefully I can find some good ones!

4. Find books to read on the plane.

5. I made my own summer book! Now my goal is to take a pictures while on my trips and actually put them in my summer book.
6. Work as much as I can till my trip.

7. Go back and continue to learn Italian; I've been slacking

8. Work out in the hotel gym.

9. Eat at some of the local "mom and pop" places in LA
10. Have my garage sale this weekend!

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