Monday, November 21, 2011

November 10 in 30 mid-month update

Thanksgiving is this week!! I'm so excited! My favorite thanksgiving tradition is spending time with my family and taking time to remember what's important...and eating pumpkin pie. What's your favorite thanksgiving tradition?

1. See if I can get a new job. I would love to work at a small inn! I applied for one and called about the other.

2. Decorate my room for Christmas. I'm bringing all my decorations back from home when I visit for thanksgiving. But I did buy a dumbo ornament today.
3. Focus on school and my tests. It's November and one week into December and the semesters over. It's getting harder to focus only two weeks!

4. Make at least two payments towards my trip in January. I have the money saved up but haven't actually given the check yet.

5. Go rollerskating. No and I'm sad about it I want to go. Probably the week after thanksgiving will be when we finally go.
6. Buy a new sweater, I only have one that I wear almost every day. I'm still looking I for one. I super love this one from fossil but it's $88.

7. Take time each day to stop doing other things and study. I'm trying to but it's getting hard to focus. I especially need to study for managerial accounting though.

8. Get back to journaling, I really miss it/ make time to journal and not got to bed so late that I have no time to journal. I've journaled once; I need to fix that.

9. Take more pictures. No. This is my final food prep class though. I make a cranberry and apple stuffed pork. It was really good.
10. Begin the DIY on my livingroom wall and coffee table. I finished the wall, now to the coffee table.

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