Sunday, July 8, 2012

My First Day in NYC!

Seriously New York! I feel like you are actually one entire movie set that people have decided to live in. I've been to the amusement parks where you look down the street and it's the "New York skyline" so when I got there and I looked down the street it looked like a fake skyline, in the best possible way. It was so pretty it looked fake.
Oh and the food! There are definitely your bad places, one day I got a huge piece of plastic in my sandwich, but there are so many delicious places it's so worth it.

The hotel may be pretty tiny but there is a view of the apartments next door that is so cool. Oh and there are rooftop gardens. I'm sorry if you're from New York and I sound super touristy, but I'm so excited to see everything! See you tomorrow

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