Monday, June 25, 2012

Packing Tips and Tricks

I absolutely love preparing for trips! Basically all of the things others hate about trips I love; from packing to going to the airport, they're all my favorite. I have to pack early for my upcoming NYC trip because of work so therefore all of my preparations are going to happen today. Here are a few tips I'm using while I pack.
1. Hang what you don't want to sit in the luggage. I'm bringing a lot of dresses and I don't want them to be wrinkled so instead of packing them now and letting them sit, I've grouped them together in my closet and will pack them the day I'm leaving.
2. Remember your 3's. The last time I flew they took my toothpaste because I forgot the three ounces rule. I pack all my toiletries, hair brush, hair clips, everything in the front zipper. Don't forget to put them in a plastic zip bag, I've also had that happen. 
3. A bag within a bag. You can carry on two bags. One is the carry on/overhead compartment bag, and instead of having the other be your purse put your purse in another bag. My purse is a small cross body so I put it in a larger cute bag. (I use a cute reusable grocery bag, shh). 
4. Wear your largest Jacket. Even if it's hot outside, bringing your jacket with you on the plane will save space in your luggage. Just remember to take it with you when you leave!
5. Occupy yourself. Even a few hours can seem pretty long if you are sitting unoccupied. Don't forget to pack a book, or notebook to keep your time moving faster. You could even plan some of your smaller itinerary items for the ride, or see what phone apps would be of use.

I'm so excited for New York! Another aspect I can't wait to try is hairstyles form A Cup of Joe, so great. Especially these 1, 2.

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  1. #3! It also helps to have a change of clothes in your bag in the event your luggage gets lost!


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