Monday, March 30, 2015

March Obsessions

TV Show: Empire
There are many great things about the show and there are some odd things, but in general it's a really great watch when you wake up too early for work. And every episode feels like a movie, the show seriously moves fast.
To My Boys...Never doubt me.. I got you! Always ♡ MOM!!! US Momma Kats Protect Ours!!!
Clothing: My new Alex & Ani Magic Kingdom Castle 
I seriously love Disney! I didn't realize the price point of Alex & Ani, but I've worn the bracelet every day so it really is worth it, if you're going to wear it. I really like it with my watch
Food: Coffee
No surprise there, but this month especially it's been a coffee month. With a lot of early mornings at work and lots of hours, coffee is a must!
Activity: Henna
Every time I start thinking about getting a tattoo I just draw henna on myself. It's fun and semi-permanent so I only commit to an area or a look for about 3-4 weeks. I think it's also a really good idea for someone thinking of getting a tattoo so you can live with it for a little bit and see how you like it before it's permanently on you. 
Most Excited For: Travel
So much in store for next month, Stay tuned!
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