Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cross Stitching Office Supplies

I was searching around pinterest and became super excited when I realized I could actually do one of the projects. Most of the time I search and say "Someday I'll try that," but I had all of the material for this project, so someday became right now! When I tried to do the exact replica my "x's" didn't come out as clean as the picture so I decided to take this project as inspiration and not do the exact same thing. I followed the links and this DIY came from the lovely blog Camille Styles. She has steps on her blog how she was able to complete her stitching, but here is my take on her DIY.
Cross Stitching on Office Supplies
Above his her picture of the finished product. And below are the steps I took when I made mine! As you can see I didn't have the yarn needles she had so I made my own out of wire from my crafting kit. I love hot air balloons so I decided I would try to make one, and add some clouds around it.


  1. Very cute upgrade to the office supplies! I found your site through the sasse life sunday social. I am your newest follower. I hope you get an opportunity to stop by TheStuffofSuccess and say hello. Have a terrific week. Athena

  2. Love it! I'll have to try this out. :)



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