Monday, September 17, 2012

My life-On Instagram

1. Another pinterest attempt of "ice cream" using bananas, and peanut butter. I think I did something wrong; it didn't turn out like theirs. 
2. Having to be up at 6:50=coffee
3. Nail polish for $2 at ulta. I may have bought a few
4. Love my record player. One of my favorite purchases to date.
5. S'mores 
6. First game day/girls night. We made pizza and watched Sherlock Holmes!

Some from my instagram (joyfullyours) some just from my phone. I love that technology has the capability to take good pictures. 


  1. When I have to get up that early, coffee is my must-have, too! ;-)
    Did you watch the second Sherlock Holmes Movie? Did you like it?

    Happy week. xo.

    1. Yup we watched the second one, I still hadn't seen it. I liked it a lot. Although anything with Robert Downey Jr I normally like!


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