Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thrift Shopping Book Finds!

Being in a new (or old) location can be very exciting. I'm finally home for Christmas and I went out thrift shopping today, surprise, surprise. I am not a big reader but I love books, sometimes I make no sense, but recently I have been wanting to expand my library of books I've read. I am so excited for all the books I found today!
I am so excited about all the books I found! I love that the huge Shakespeare Complete Works says "Compact Edition," oh you funny editors. Although the red cover is published in 1891 which makes it that much more lovely! I can't help but imagine all those who have read it before me, and I'm so excited to read it myself! Four new books, that's a productive day in my book. Wow, I promise I did not make that pun on purpose.

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