Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walking Around New York City

I try to edit my picture numbers down a lot when I post but there's really no way to do that with beautiful cities. New York has so many beautiful sites and places and food, coming later, there's no way to not take a bunch of pictures every time I visit. Oh NYC I miss you already. 

I took the long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was so beautiful. I almost had one incident with a biker who was going way to fast + I wanted to take a picture so neither of us were paying attention, thankfully the people I was with were and they saved both of us. Also the picture above is blurry because after walking all that way I didn't want to stop to take a pretty picture of my last steps across I just wanted to make it to the bench I saw.

I ate at the prettiest rooftop for brunch, it feels so old to say but it was delicious and I had my first mimosa and brunch and now it makes sense why people love that combination. Also there's a sneaky beautiful building in the background, can you guess what it is? 

I also went to my first Broadway play and I'll be talking about that tomorrow because it deserves its own post! What are your favorite NY places in the city or not that I can add to my list the next time :)

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  1. New York is pretty high up on my list of places I seriously seriously want to go to! These photos are beautiful, especially the one on Brooklyn Bridge! x


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