Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My top 10 favorite youtube channels

There are many days when I'm suppose to be studying or otherwise being productive online and social media calls out to me, and I obviously answer. One of my main weaknesses is youtube.

There are so many fantastic people out there with amazing musical talent and intriguing content that I get lost for hours watching. Here are my top 10 favorite youtube channels. You should go subscribe to them, and let me know what yours are so I can look them up as well!

Vlog Brothers (John and Hank Green) Brothers who vlog every week. They also have their own channels about science and facts and they write books and sing songs. Basically they do everything.

Toby Turner and all of his shenanigans. Gotta love this guy from Florida! Although he's now out in LA, but anywho he also has a bunch of channels doing different things like lazy vlogs and playing pc games. Oh, an gryphon is a seriously cute dog!

Blimeycow He's pretty funny. He was home schooled and loves to debunk all the "rules" about what being a homeschooling really is. He also talks about a bunch of other topics making his a pretty diverse channel.

Lindsey Stirling Some serious talent in this one, and she dances along to her songs! So sweet and such a true talent. And aren't her braids so cool and unique.

Sam Tsui and Kurt (on the left). They are both so good and have their own channels. They do well working with other people, but I personally think they do some of their best work when they work with each other.

Pentatonix All voices and awesomeness. They won the sing off in 2011 and have been on an upswing ever since. Their voice blend so well together and they always look like they're having fun in their videos.

Tyler Ward The man has really good hair. He is also an excellent singer and plays guitar. He has some really great music. I particularly like his new song he just posted the official video for, Falling. Go check it out.

Peter Hollens One time I listened to the Misty Mountains compilation he put together for about an hour without realizing it. So good!

Chestersee He's hilarious, and has a really cool raspy voice. One of the best things about youtubers is they sometimes work together, yes that is Toby Turner in the purple. 

The Piano Guys During Holiday season you'll thank me for introducing you to these guys, unless you already know who they are. In that case, good music choices!

These aren't the only channels I watch but these are some of my most consistently watched channels. If you feel that I've missed anyone, and that's quite possible, let me know!

All images are from my pinterest. and all links go to their youtube accounts.

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