Sunday, December 29, 2013

"My best year yet" a pin and 25 other New Year's Resolutions

I created this picture for you if you want to add it to your computer to remind yourself of your goals this year. I've also pinned it if you want to have it online. In addition if you're looking for some more ideas here are 25 more.

1. Start and finish at least one book every two months.
2. Travel out of the country.
3. Work on marking things off of, and adding to, your bucket list (or as I like to call it Life List).
4. Make plans to have dinner with your friends at least once a week.
5. Pay for others. Buy food for those you see sitting outside a gas station, or pay for the drinks of the people behind you at Starbucks. 
6. Cook one fancy recipe a week. Even once a week and you will expand your cooking ability immensely by the end of 2014
7. Don't beat yourself up for not working out every day of the week. Honestly, we're all get busy. You're absolutely not the only one who will slip on this.
8. Find someone younger than you that you can help mentor.
9. Be brave! Try on the clothes that you love but just don't think will look good on you. You never know, some of my favorite pieces I found because I thought they would be funny to try on.
10. Take pictures when you want, but also remember sometimes it's also important to put the camera away and enjoy the moment.
11. Celebrate when you want to! As we get older it's important to still be excited about our birthdays and special occasions.
12. Write hand written letters to friends. It's a lovely surprise for them to find in the mail.
13. Try new work hairstyles.
14. Eat food that you've never dared to try.
15. Learn how to say "Hello, my name is ____" in five languages
16. Give more than you receive.
17. Fly a kite! Because some resolutions need to not be so big.
18. Create a budget.
19. Dye your hair, or get the haircut you've been too nervous to try (but first ask a trusted friend for advice!)
20. Sing loud and proud in the car, or even in line at the grocery store.
21. Turn your phone off when your at dinner.
22. Grab your group of girl friends and do something out of your comfort zone. Go dancing at a new place or take a cooking class.
23. Start Christmas shopping early.
24. Remember that beauty comes from inside not outside.
25. And when all else fails laugh at yourself and remember the below picture from pinterest!
New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Realistic

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