Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 10 in 30

I am so excited to start this up! 10 in 30 has always been so fun. This year if any of you want to join me in completing 10 goals in 30 days please do (and send me a link to follow)!

1. Make a "grown up" budget. Boo Hiss, but I know that later on when I know where all my money is going, I will look back and thank myself for setting this goal.
2. Formulate a workout plan that I can actually follow. None of this, work 30 minutes on cardio, arms, legs, jumping jacks. I don't know about you but that has never worked for me. I need a plan that's simple and preferably one I can do while watching t.v. or multitasking! 

3. Learn 5 new cocktails by heart. In my profession it's important to understand how to make drinks and what can be paired with what. I even made my first step towards this goal already and bought this beauty, on sale!, from target yesterday.
4. Cook, Bake, Explore, Mix. Basically I want to have more fun cooking in the kitchen and try out new recipes.
5. Do my best to get full time. Right now I'm only part time. I debated putting this goal up, but it's a real goal I have for this month and something that would change things. I now just need to keep updated with my work full time list and when a spot opens, apply immediately!
6. Watch more documentaries. I've been feeling this influx of wanting to learn, I feel largely due to the fact that no one has been telling me to study books for tests. Crazy to not have to do that. That has now changed to wanting to watch TED talks, which are super interesting!

7. Begin reading my Iron Man comics. Confession time, It's about to get real...I've never read any Iron Man comics before. Right! Isn't that sad. It's difficult when you haven't been reading them since you were five to find out where to start. Honestly, I'm still not super sure where I should be starting, but I'm going to start with the one gifted to me for Christmas and go from there! Any suggestions?
8. Read! One of my goals has always been to own a library of books that I've actually read. There's such a sense of accomplishment when you walk through a book store or a library and you can mentally point out which books you've read. I'll confess, I'm a crazy book buyer. I feel that they're so beautiful and deserve to be preserved. Therefore I have a bunch of books, and I've only read about 20% of them. That needs to change.
9. Burn my candles. Because candles are so pretty, I have a bad habit of leaving them sitting there collecting dust. While that may be true, it's also true that they smell good and more of them can be bought. Also unrelated note, habit is spelled habit not habbit. Every time I write habit I add two B's as though I'm spelling hobbit. I can't be the only one who does this right?

10. Enjoy my first semester without school. Although, we are the fiesta bowl 2014 camps!! My entire life up until now has been with school in the future. While that may still be true, at the moment, that is not in my immediate plans. This semester I'm so excited to explore new aspects of the world and move into a new phase of my life. I can't believe that's what is really about to happen, but it's true. This semester I want to enjoy and have fun, buy coffee, grow in my relationship with Jesus, cook delicious food, spend time with loved ones, and laugh a whole bunch! 
2014 I'm excited for you!

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  1. What a great list! I'm doing a 14 in 2014 post the beginning of next week, but I like the idea of setting monthly goals, so you have something to keep track of and focus on more easily. x



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