Monday, January 13, 2014

"Pinterest Sick"

Be In Your Life: the magic of a sick day - The Lipstick Gospel

I have had a super bad flu the last four days now. Finally feeling a little better though after taking some medication. However, I find it funny that while searching around my beloved pinterest for a picture, because let's be honest, I don't want to take any pictures of myself or my house right now, all I could find were cute "sick" pictures. All I kept thinking was "have these people with their 'sick essentials' bathrobes and chi tea and matching top and bottom sleepwear every actually been super sick?" Because you know when you're so sick that you can't really stand, the last thing you want to do is put cucumbers on your eyes, you just want to get better. 

Now, did I have tea while I was sick...yes, because tea is delicious. But I looked super gross the last four days tossing back and forth trying to sleep and in no way was pinterest cute sick. If you have a cold, then yes, by all means pull out your robe because during those times sick days can be an awesome release from your daily stresses. I have gotten what I'm calling "pinterest sick" and those days can actually be relaxing, to a certain extent. If you look cute when you're sick, I am envious of you. I however will be here wearing my mix and match random pajamas, watching Once Upon A Time in between sleeping, and randomly zoning out while taking to people, sorry about that. Any of the other sick people out there know what I'm saying? 

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