Friday, May 2, 2014

April 10 in 30 Finale

I've made it a month, and I'm almost certified to work by myself at my job! I'm putting that in the win column. Check back tomorrow for this months goals, but let's see how I did in April...
1. Develop a five minute makeup face. I've been wearing makeup, consistently, for about two years now. However, I haven't ever had a consistent morning makeup routine. 
Not really. I've been using moisturizer and I bought a face mask. Have I used that face mask yet, nope. I'm gunna try to use it today though. I have this fear of my skin breaking out, I seriously doubt that will happen but it's in the back of my mind.  
2. Budget. I have been living within my means, but I haven't been documenting my spending habits like I was in January. I want to get back in the habit of using my excel document.
It's me and my 18 thousand^^ closest friends on a run
3. Train for my 5k. I have about two weeks until I'm expected to run 5k and right now my main training has been watching youtube and netflix, not super helpful.
I didn't die! I made it all the way through and even made it in "runner" time. I was around 37 minutes which isn't great but I'll take it! Especially since my training consisted of running twice on the beach the week before.
4. Purchase Love Happens. I love the way this movie was filmed and I've been looking for it everywhere and I can't find it. I need to buckle down and purchase it online and stop forgetting to do so.
I'm most sad about not purchasing this item. I looked at every thrift shop I went to last month and hoped that I would magically stumble upon it. I did not. I did however stumble upon Winning London. Anyone remember that Mary Kate and Ashley movie?
A beautiful natural spring I went to on one of my days off this month
5. Wear my felt hat I bought! I love hats and I found one that fits my head really well, but now I have to put my purchase to use. 
I didn't wear my hat but I did buy other clothing that I think will go well with my hat.
6. Use coupons. It's free money, why not benefit from it. (Update from my March 10 in 30 #8) I did purchase a few items for food and such from groupon, now I want to utilize coupons for grocery store items.
I found many a coupon this month. I also realized that my ulta card, while I had been swiping it every time, was not activated. I activated that and it makes me happy seeing the emails.
7. Plan my days off. Weather that means I plan to sleep all day or to update my apartment. I'm finding that with 5+ days a week working if I don't plan my days off I end up doing nothing.
Super check!! I went to the beach, and to a natural spring. I slept in, ate out, and went to a wedding. I'm definitely checking number seven this month!
The gorgeous dress I wore to the wedding. Did I mention I love grey!
8. Begin the search for a new apartment. Both fun and challenging, finding a new apartment is definitely on the list this month. I am looking forward to decorating a new space!
I hate apartment shopping! It's so tasking. I with there was a website that I actually trusted to tell me. I also wish that there was more in depth information online of apartments in the area. I am checking, but I honestly wish I could just rent a house.
9. Make delicious salad! I have two wonderful recipes in my mind. now I have go to grocery shopping, never a bad thing.
My favorite salad I made this month was one I added honey roasted almonds to. So delicious with citrus vinaigrette.
10. Catch up with Once Upon A Time and Walking Dead. I've been so busy that I haven't been watching t.v., gasp!
Ahh What's going to happen next on Once Upon A Time! Love hook and Robin so much!!

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