Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm leaving

Fuzzy iPhone airport bathroom picture! Yes that's how I roll. I'm busting out of this joint! I'm going on vacation to Las Vegas for a week and I'm so excited. I've never been to Vegas so my mind is in overdrive of all the sites and places I want to discover. Right now I'm standing in a huge clump of people waiting to board but I'm still crazy excited. It's my first time flying by myself and so far it's been really not too bad. We shall see. Three tips. 1. If you don't have to check a bag don't! I saved so much time because I didn't have to wait in that line. 2. Wear comfy clothes and your most clunky pair of shoes. Because you're not checking a bag, space is crucial. If you can wear any of your big chunky jackets or boots do it! 3. Bring snacks not liquid. Any drinks they'll take from you at security, but snacks you can get past which is a money saver. I forgot to eat, and my $7 pasta wasn't worth it. We're taking off soon but I'll keep you updated. Here we go!

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