Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Christmas Traditions You Should Start This Year

10 Days till Christmas!!! I am so very excited! Here are 5 new traditions you should add this year! With ten days till the big day, here are a few goodies that can tide you over. I will be adding some sort of Christmas goodie every day till Christmas so stay tuned for "The 10 days of Christmas".
1. Lighting Christmas candles every night - I don't have a real Christmas tree in my house so for me lighting candles is a must. They add the smells of Christmas without me having to remember to water something.
2. Going Ice Skating - No excuses no snow states, Around this time of year you can find rinks in the large majority of towns. Get out there and try, even if you fall it's ok!
3. Watch a local Christmas Show - If you're going to a Church or a local theater it's so much fun to watch locals act out a seasonal show. I think basically, we all just need to go to the theater more.
4. Add a new favorite to your Christmas food - Try a Christmas tradition from another country or just make a new recipe that you haven't tried before. 
5. Write Christmas Cards - I don't know about you but I haven't written Christmas cards in what feel like forever. Although we live in a largely technology based world, it's still nice to receive snail mail especially around the holiday season. And then you can also make fun card holders!

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  1. I love sending (and receiving) cards around this time. it's so festive, snail mail is amazing, and I love knowing that someone took that extra bit of time to sit down and write something to me, even if it's just Merry Christmas!
    Great list, skating is on my list to do this year, and I live in a lots-of-snow-place!


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