Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 10 in 30

Christmas times is here! que the music, hang the lights, drink all the hot chocolate and eat all the cookies. What are your goals for this Holiday season? Here are my ten for the last month of 2014, I can't believe it's the last month.
1. Decorate like a crazy person! I love Christmas and decorating my home makes it feel so much more like the season is here. 
Merry Merry Christmas
2. Make a wreathe. Because everyone should have a wreathe on their door
Oh my !!!! Think I just found a solution for my kitchen door for the winter. Snowflakes!!!! :)
3. Write things down. Love this one I found on etsy from LeatherNotebooks
4. Make a plan for vacationing. I feel as though if I don't plan, I will never make it happen.
I want to travel!!
5. Wear my sweaters and cardigans. After all I do have 34 of them, and yes this was taken like 2 days ago, winter in Florida.
6. Christmas shop early. I didn't go black Friday shopping, and here is one reason why, although it's hilarious!
Black Friday shopping.
7. Write Christmas Cards. Love typography cards!!
Christmas Card by Anais Lee
8. Drink coffee in at least 4 new places. Because coffee anywhere is good coffee! (except when it's not, am I right!)
9. Worry less - Trust more! I put this in my last post too, but it's so important to remind myself!
10. Have a Merry Christmas! And the beauty that was last year's Christmas picture! 

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