Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 10 in 30 Final

January 2015! When did that happen? There is so much I learned from last year, but I'm glad to have a new start. Here is how the last month of 2014 went...
1. Decorate like a crazy person! ✔️ So much so that I still haven't the heart to take down the decorations. Holidays fly by too fast.
Everyone is making New Year's Resolutions, and I'm over here eating left-over Christmas cookies.
2. Make a wreath. ✔️ Tada! It's so simple. Who would have thought. See how I made my wreath.
3. Write things down. Getting there. I bought a planner and I'm looking up unique ways to journal. I miss it
4. Make a plan for vacationing. Getting there as well. I know what month I want to go. If anyone has tips on England or traveling there let me know! That's the location I want to go to! There and France.
5. Wear my sweaters It's been so hot over Christmas. There have been a few days that have been cold enough. And I went Ice skating so that was definitely cold enough in there.
6. Christmas shop early. Oh Joy of the past how naive you are. There are still a few people who I haven't bought for yet. I laugh at your optimism...kindly, but still laughing. 
Nobody liked caroling with Yoda.  | Star Wars Christmas
7. Write Christmas Cards. ✔️ Speaking of Typography one of my Christmas presents this year was the travel Rifel Paper Co. 2015 calendar. Love it!!
8. Drink coffee in at least 4 new places. ✔️ Coffee, always a good decision! Check it out on my Instagram 
9. Worry less - Trust more! ✔️ Constantly trying to trust more! Never fully complete but also never giving up on what's important.
10. Have a Merry Christmas! ✔️ Still love this picture! I got to go home; so it was a good Christmas!

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