Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Wall Decor DIY

If you haven't started decorating your house for the Holidays, it's time!! Here's how I decorated my wall for $9!
Have you ever had those weeks where you get to the end of your week, look around and suddenly see the state of your home? That was my week last week, but it's December, and it's time to decorate! The dishes can wait, it's time to take all the pictures off the wall and break out the glue gun. 
I went to the craft store and purchased one strand of garland, sparkly red ribbon, a "Merry and Bright" sign that I painted white, and mini pine cones. I had enough garland to make five medium sized wreaths and one strand long enough to place across the top of my window. 
  1. Start with a space large enough so that when you cut the garland it doesn't matter how far the garland pieces fly. It gets messy; I tend to use the ground. 
  2. Cut your garland and hot glue them into the wreath shapes. My wreaths range in size slightly which I like. It makes each one unique. 
  3. On the same part that you glue the wreaths together also hot glue a circle of the ribbon around the wreaths. I wanted them to be all different heights on the wall. I'm a big fan of the "organized chaos" look so I cut the other end at all different lengths. Then glue the ribbon around a pushpin. They are light enough to stay up by a pushpin. If you add your pine cones or other items to the wreath I would use a nail so that they don't fall. 
  4. Test the waters. At first I had them at a couple different lengths, but I didn't like the look of it. That's one of the best things about DIY projects, you can always redo something! If you cut your ribbon too short, cut and redo!
After I made my wreaths I had enough length to use the garland over my window. I added the "Merry and Bright" sign in the middle and hot glued the pine cones on the top. 
Decorating with Christmas music playing, candles burning, and the air conditioning set to cold is what makes nights off worth it! Everyone needs an introverted night now and then. Ohh and cookies!! Have fun!

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