Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 10 in 30

No matter how cold, or hot it may be outside, the Holiday Season is upon us all!! My goals for this month..
1. Watch tons and tons of Christmas Movies!!
2. Keep my priorities straight. It's hard sometimes, when work is stressful and you're trying so hard to do well, to remember that it's important to have a balanced life. Yes, work is important, but it isn't all that's important.
3. Feel the cold. I'm not sure if this means a road trip, or what but I would like to feel cold at least for a little while this month. 
4. Catch up on my podcasts I listen to. I feel like it's been forever. It's always good to have some inspiration
5. Stretch. Stretching is such an important part of health, and an aspect of it that I am very bad at. It would be nice to know some exercises to do while watching TV
6. Buy Christmas presents. The past few years I keep buying presents on about the 23rd; It's not a good habit to continue. 
7. Learn 5 new things. Don't quite care what they are, I just want to learn.
8. Send out my Christmas Cards! I have bought them and I also have a new special addition. I just learned how to emboss!! It's so much fun!!
9. Learn 2 songs on the Ukulele. I would like to know them without having to always look at the chords
10. Have a Very Merry Christmas!! I absolutely love love Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas!! 

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