Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 10 in 30 Finale

January has started, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. Time to take a last look at 2015 and see how I did.
1. Watch tons and tons of Christmas Movies!!
✔️ Complete check!! I binged on Netflix, Lifetime, ION, ABC family all the good, and not so good Christmas movies were watched this season.
2. Keep my priorities straight. It's hard sometimes, when work is stressful and you're trying so hard to do well, to remember that it's important to have a balanced life. Yes, work is important, but it isn't all that's important.
✔️ I did my best. For me, this is a constant struggle to make sure what are my highest priorities  should be my highest. It's easy to have the not so important parts of life seem like the biggest struggles. 
3. Feel the cold. I'm not sure if this means a road trip, or what but I would like to feel cold at least for a little while this month. 
I'm not sure anyone in the USA can check this. Some parts got cold this December, but most of the US was pretty warm. Florida today feels beautiful. I hope it stays that way for a time.
4. Catch up on my podcasts I listen to. I feel like it's been forever. It's always good to have some inspiration
✔️ With all the driving I did in December I listened to so many informative podcasts. I enjoy listening to The Lively Show. She interviews other bloggers and asks them questions about how they got to where they are and what they have learned in the process.
5. Stretch. Stretching is such an important part of health, and an aspect of it that I am very bad at. It would be nice to know some exercises to do while watching TV
I'm going to leave this unchecked because I've only started to do this within the past few days. 
6. Buy Christmas presents. The past few years I keep buying presents on about the 23rd; It's not a good habit to continue. 
✔️ Thank God this is a check. I would be in trouble if it wasn't.
7. Learn 5 new things. Don't quite care what they are, I just want to learn.
✔️ I learned how to paint chairs, two new songs on the ukulele, about Han Solo's son, many different routes to different parts of Florida, and that if you're going to try to go to brunch on New Years Eve or New Years Day it's important to arrive much earlier than I did.
8. Send out my Christmas Cards! I have bought them and I also have a new special addition. I just learned how to emboss!! It's so much fun!!
I ended up giving many of my presents in person, but I still have a few letters I want to send out.
9. Learn 2 songs on the Ukulele. I would like to know them without having to always look at the chords.
✔️ Yes! I also forgot I wrote this as a goal so this is still going to count for one of my "learn 5 new things" goals. I learned one from Adele and one from Ingrid Michaelson. 
10. Have a Very Merry Christmas!! I absolutely love love Christmas. I can't wait for Christmas!! 
✔️ I worked on Christmas day, but my Christmas was on Christmas Eve. It's nice to spend Christmas with family, even if it's only for a day! 

I hope your 2015 was a wonderful year. As I look back over it, it's incredible all the moments that happened that I would never have though would when January started. As I look forward to what 2016 has in store I'm excited! Look back to learn not to dwell, and look forward with hope and anticipation! 

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