Sunday, December 27, 2015

DIY Distressed Chairs

Putting on a Christmas movie or a CD and getting out of your own head for a while and just focusing on a DIY project, it always sounds like a good idea. Definitely with food involved!! One of my goals last month was to find chairs that I can use on my porch, I found them but altered them slightly. Here's how I did it.
Above is how I found the chairs. The type I was looking for was a rustic french look. I love the white because it can go with any season or design style. When I found them they didn't exactly look the way I wanted, they were the price point that I was looking at so, it's time to DIY. The first item on the list is to find your chairs. I found mine at a thrift store, a little love and I knew they would be beautiful. My supplies I found at Home Depot, you could go to any store that has outdoor paint. I bought a flat white paint color, sand paper, and a paint brush. 
  1. One of the most important steps in this project is to prepare your chairs for paint. I cleaned off the chairs and sanded the parts I felt needed to be refined.
  2. Paint the chairs. Most will need more than one coat to have the color fully soak into the wood. I rotated painting one chair then the other so that I could keep painting without stopping.
  3. After your chairs dry, it's time to sand them. This is an optional step, but for me it was an obvious next step. With the look that I'm going for, distressing the chairs added that little extra bit of character that I was looking for.
  4. Make your environment. I plan on eventually having the chairs live outside; during Christmas time I kept them inside so that they can add a little extra to that corner. They help make my little tree more exciting! 

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