Thursday, January 21, 2016

Naples Botanical Garden Lego Exhibit

This year The Naples Botanical Garden in Naples Florida is having a Lego Exhibit. The Botanical Gardens themselves were so beautiful, and much larger than I expected, from the outside looking in. When you were going from one area to another you would either walk through the "grass sea" or beautiful hanging greenery. There is a hidden hammock that I relaxed in for a while, and a maze labyrinth you can try to find your way out of! My favorite area was Asia! A small island in the middle was surrounded with beautiful pink and yellow flowers and a lake. The legos themselves are spread throughout the botanical gardens which, for me, made it even more fun to find. Every once in a while you would go from area to area and stumble upon more sculptures. The gardener below is larger than I am! There are more lego sculptures in the gardens than I have pictured here, but these are some of my favorites. My favorite lego scultpure of all was the praying mantis! He was at least three feet tall, which took thousands of legos. They are all truly amazing! 

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