Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Obsessions

Food: Mango! I've honestly never been the biggest fan of mangos, but this one vlogger I keep watching keeps eating them. Now I really want a banana/mango smoothie. Doesn't that look so good!!
I just realized I forgot to wish all of you ladies a happy Mother’s day this past weekend.  So…..happy belated Mother’s day to all you mothers reading this here blog!  I hope that you were showered with love and gifts. We had a nice streak of Summer weather going last week which got me in …:
Show: Fixer Upper - I want to look inside of "The Book of Jo" If you're the one person who hasn't seen that show yet, you should!! Look at that beautiful back splash!! 
Fixer Upper Season Two To watch Chip and Joanna’s show Fixer Upper, tune into HGTV on Tuesday at 9/8c. The first episode of Season 2 airs January 6th! After each episode airs, you can come here to find before/after photos, the story behind the episode, and some of the products used.  Season…:   
Saving $$$ For: Mac - I'm pretty sold on buying a Mac. Any Mac users out there that use to have PC, prefer one over the other? And, which mac is a good one? I've only ever had PC. Doesn't this skin look amazing though! 
This macbook decal fits Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air perfectly... Also you can use it in your laptop, car, kitchen, wall or everywhere:
Nerding Out About: Han Solo Pop Figure - I love this little guy! For Christmas I got a Loot Crate and he was in it! 
Clothing: Sweaters - It finally became sweater weather a few days ago and I was all about that life! Sweaters + Coffee = Amazing!
Wanting the Most: Hair like this. I want a little longer but I love the wavy curls!!
Curls <3:
What's your obsession this month? And do you know Mac? What to follow my new obsessions daily, follow on Pinterest. All pictures, minus han solo, are from there! 

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