Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Goals - 10 in 30

It's February, and time to make new goals! Last month's goals went pretty well, let's see what is in store for this month.
  1. Drink more water, seriously it's so bad. There are days where I think back and I'm not sure if I drank any water, I know, super bad.
  2. Send out 3 postcards. I love snail mail! With all the bills and not fun items we receive in the mail, isn't it so much fun when you get an actual fun piece of mail!?
  3. Possibly buy a new computer? I love the computer I have now, but the poor thing is so old. I need to do more research, but I'm pretty sure I want to buy a Mac.
  4. Plan one weekend, and get it confirmed off, so that I can take a weekend getaway. Not that the weekend necessarily has to be this month, but I need a weekend to look forward to before July or August when I get a week off.
  5. Eat more superfoods! With the weather changing back and forth, everyone keeps getting sick recently. Superfoods to the rescue.
  6. Have my nails painted. I love the look of painted nails. I think it adds just that little something extra to any outfit. I tend to chip my nails all the time, therefore they rarely stay painted. I just need to spend some time and keep them nice.
  7. Read half of a book. I would say read one book, but more realistically I will read half of the book.
  8. Do more research about which blogging platform I want to blog from. I'm thinking squarespace but I need to do more research about how I wouldn't lose my posts, and what would happen to my .com. 
  9.  Get my hair cut. I really need to, I have this fear of having them cut it too short again, but I know the reality of cutting your hair helps it grow faster. 
  10. Make Valentine's Day cookies! There are so many different goodies that happen when Valentine's Day does.
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