Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Indoor Wreath DIY

                Yes, I hang a wreath on the front door but I also love hanging them
                on the inside of my house too. You can use any colors and any 
                patterns you want!
-Hot glue gun
-Coffee filters
-Food coloring and water
-Red marker
                        Cut the cardboard into strips and hot glue it together. It 
                        doesn't have to be glued in a perfect circle because the 
                        decorations will cover it.
                        Take the filters and dip them in your colored water then 
                        let them sit. This is the step that takes the longest because
                        of the waiting time. My red started to look pink so I decided
                        to make some candy cane ones instead. Using any red 
                        marker is perfect!
                        Decorate your wreath! You can add a layer on the outside 
                        and the inside to make it have the classic wreath shape or 
                        make it boxy to give it more of a modern twist.
                        The final step is buttons! I love buttons on basically anything,
                        and  on the wreath they make the perfect center for your 
                        candy cane flowers.


  1. Cute DIY - I'm loving finding all these great DIY wreath ideas on pinterest - who'd known there were so many great ideas out there :D

    Hope you have a happy holiday season <3

  2. This is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!!


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