Friday, January 18, 2013

Create a Cozy Bedroom

1. List your favorites, style, fabrics, colors, animals, places to visit, hobbies you enjoy. At this point don't even think about decorating, just write what you like down. A few resources can be a Pinterest check to see what you tend to pin the most, or a look in your closet and see which colors, or textures you tend to be drawn to the most.
2. Make your bed as comfy as possible. This is one place that it's important not to skim; now by no means does this have to equal a lot of money, but it does equal more time. I love pillows, so for me having my bed cozy is equal to having more pillows than your average bed. In the saving money department you can mix patterns with solids, add a cover to your existing pillows or even make your own pillow covers to allow your room to reflect more of your personality.
3. Curtains and Rugs. Even if your floor is carpet adding a fluffy or unique rug encourages a cozy atmosphere, and honestly there's nothing better than waking up and stepping on a comfy rug. Adding curtains helps to soften what can be harsh corners of a window, you can even add more than one rod and double layer your curtains or combine multiple styled curtains to one rod.
4. Organize the clutter. I have a bad habit of using my desk chair as a catch all, but if you can organize and know where every item in your room should go it becomes more likely that you will want to keep them in their designated spots. I actually just made a closet shoe organizer and it makes me that much happier to go into my closet!
5. Chang around the items on your wall, and if there are none get something up there. This is a tip for me personally, if your style is minimalist having a collage on your wall may seem overwhelming and that's completely fine. Whatever inspires you and makes you smile when you see it, that's what should be on your wall.
6. Lighting! When I really want to feel cozy in my room I read before bed with my side table lamp on instead of my ceiling fan. I know this may sound odd, but try it sometime. Even changing one light can change the feel of a room. I still use my overhead lighting most of the time, but some times it's nice to have the other options of a side table lamp or lighting candles.
7. Make it you and have fun! The most important tip of all is have your room be a reflection of your personality, because at the end of the day who is going to be living in your room? You. It doesn't matter if you can hang things on you walls or if you have to use sticky tack, as long as you're happy with the final appearance your room can become your own personal oasis!

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