Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Florida Winter Weather

When you think Florida 45 degree weather probably isn't in your mind, but the last week has been so nice! The weather up north has been much colder than here, but I am very grateful for the "cold" this week. Got to break out some of my favorite sweaters!
Boots + Sweater/Thrifted, Jeans + Purse/ American Eagle, Necklace/ Send Something good via Megan
There's a beautiful downtown area where my parents live and it's so nice to go into privately owned shops. There is definitely a different atmosphere and a uniqueness about any downtown area. And the food, let me tell you, it's delicious. My favorite find of the weekend was these boots! I've been wearing them nonstop the last few days. I hope everyone is staying warm weather (accidental pun but I'm keeping it ) that is in 40 degree weather or 2 degree weather.

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