Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Tips for Thrift Shopping

I've been going to thrift shops and garage sales since I was very young and just recently I started using a technique to shop there. Before I would be excited to be there and walk around aimlessly searching for treasures, and that did work sometimes. However, I found if I go in with a strategy I am much more efficient and I tend to find more treasures.

Get a Cart. It doesn't matter if you're only planning on being in there for five minutes or if you've blocked the entire day out to go thrift shopping, if you have a cart your life will be so much easier. I've had so many times where I either voted against a cart completely or I decided to go with a basket and I then changed my mind to wanting a cart. If you just snag one on your way it it makes life that much easier.

2. Put every item you like in the cart, even if you're iffy about an item. We've all had those times where you think, "uhh I'm not sure. I'll come back" then when you come back it's gone and someone else has fallen in love with the same item. Now I put every item I'm debating in the cart and keep moving, it helps with time management and I avoid lost items.
3.Do a first sweep then a second. After that initial time of searching around your favorite section, go back around a second time to make sure you didn't miss anything.

4. Try the clothes on. There's really no way to tell how a piece will look on you, or even if you truly like it, until you try the item on. There's also the flip side where you pick something up because it speaks to you, not at all expecting to like it, but once you try it on you realize you actually are excited and feel good wearing it.
Edit your basket. Now that you have all these items you have found throughout the shop, start narrowing down what you are going to purchase and what items may not fit with your home. It's hard but unfortunately needs to be done.
6. And most importantly, Have fun with it. The best part about thrifting is having the opportunity to find such lovely items and saving them for deteritaing. If you're not having fun, your'e doing it wrong. Sometimes it's fun to take random pictures to remember the day. This is my way of thrifting and I still have so much fun every time I go. Make sure you're always enjoying yourself, and come back and show me what lovely items you have found! Have Fun

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