Saturday, July 20, 2013

Throwing Coffee and Fish

One of my favorite aspects of any vacation is trying to find places that local go to. Now, I'm sure not every local goes to Pikes Place, some probably avoid it at all costs. However, as much of a tourist destination it was, it's a beautiful place where there were so many bountiful fruit stands and fish being thrown about. I also stumbled upon the famous "gum wall" which was actually quite cool and unique, and I added a piece of artwork to the collage. I know, I'm an extraordinary artist.
I had an iced coffee from the original Starbucks, and they got my name right!! I somehow get Jordan a lot. I have no idea how that happens either, but it's more frequent than you would think. I've decided I'm most jealous of all the fresh produce and flowers this city has to offer. I've seen so many people walking around with bouquets of flowers in the past two days, and now I understand why. With beautiful huge flowers, such as the sunflower above, packed so lovely into a grouping and only five dollars! How can you resist not having fresh flowers on every table of your house?

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