Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When you lose your internet connection...

I've always liked "unplugging" for a while and getting a breather from the internet, but on my own will. Moving made it an unnecessary hassle to try to connect to the world through tv or internet.  

5 Things I've learned since moving into my new apartment:

I love my books and I'm a huge fan of going outside and exploring but I'm also definitely a fan of technology. Every time I get wifi for a second or have time in my day I'm contemplating how to bring my computer to a coffee shop and snag their wifi...as I'm doing right now...

-Putting up pictures on the walls can cover a multitude of sins from the previous renters

-It's really hard to find a post office, sorry post card swap buddies. They're all in the mail now and on their ways to you!

- Don't read the directions on the dish washer unless you are using the correct soap to wash your dishes. Yup that's my kitchen. I used the soap you use to hand wash the dishes in the dish washer and thought it would be a good idea to load the washer the same way as I normally do, nay nay. Well, my floor is clean now at least, and I laughed a lot.

-Look for an apartment that isn't facing the sunrise. I accidentally lucked into a place that is in the perfect spot and doesn't face the sunrise so I'm not bombarded with too much sun and my energy bill will be kept down, I'll let you know for sure after the first bill comes.

Get ready for tomorrow because that's when my NYC reminiscing commences and I can't wait! It's only been a little over a week since I was there and I'm already longing for their delicious food and I want to see every Broadway play on their stages!

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