Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume

Here's how I put together my Halloween Costume this year. I went to a Halloween party rather early this year, but it was so much fun and I ate a bunch of candy, which is always a bonus in my book. Here's how I put together my scarecrow.

Makeup and Hair: 

For my makeup I used my eyeliner to make a "stitched together" look, and red lipstick for my cheeks. After applying the lipstick I added some blush over top, so that my cheeks wouldn't smear as easily. 

I used some red and orange eye shadow on my nose to add some color but not have it be too bright or distracting. 

I did a smokey eye and bought some fake eyelashes to give my eyes that slightly larger look. Lastly I used a light pink lip to give my scarecrow just that little something extra.

For my hair I put it in curlers the night before then left it in a low bun all day. I sprayed it with hairspray right before I left. That's the great thing about scarecrow, no one really takes the most pristine care of their scarecrow so if things are a little messy, it's even better! 

The Outfit:
I bought a simple straw hat and suspenders the rest I used what I already had and made some scarecrow tweaks to the pieces.

 I added a total of five brown patches to my shorts and shirt using different sizes and string. I love the haphazard type of sewing because you can make it as obvious and patchwork like as you want and that's the exact look you're going for. For my shoes I used my pair of combat boots simple and easy.

At the end of the night I was so tired that I came back and laid down on the floor in my bedroom. Yes, this is a common occurrence after a long day to see me on the floor, usually with some food item. I would say my scarecrow was a success! 


  1. Love your costume, what a great idea! I found you on pinterest and love everything I've seen! I'm looking forward to Dr.Who also! I have a countdown on my laptop!
    Ps: I have to ask are you from Orlando? I saw your post about Disney, I live in Winter Park!
    (Rom 8:37)

    1. Hey Erin! Thanks for your sweet comment. Right! I'm so excited for Dr. Who; I actually just bought a police box sign yesterday lol. I do live in Orlando, I actually even live in winter park small world!


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