Friday, September 27, 2013

Focusing on the little things

There are times where I go weeks with only trying to "stay above water" and it's exhausting. Life is a beautiful gift but as an internal thinker it can get to you after you have thought of seven different ways a situation could go before it even happens.

 One of my focuses has to be to not over think situations and to not stress about them. If there is something out of my control what's the point in my worry anyways. These are a few moments and items the past week that every time I see them they make me smile. 

Three days ago I "escaped to Paris" Epcot but it still counts. It was the first time I had ever done that and it was so relaxing. I just sat and read at the pavilion and listened to music. After reading, I ate some delicious chocolate mousse and looked out over the lake. 

Even during life's more hectic times it's important to section times out where you can relax and allow your mind to not think about work or school or kids or whatever it is that is that, while it may be a good thing, is something that needs to be put on hold for the moment and life needs to be a little more simple. What have you done this week that makes you refocus? Or What's something in your home that every time you see it you smile?

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