Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Nerdy little Christmas DIY Ornaments

Every time I look at felt I see so many opportunities. It's such a versatile fabric you can really be as creative with it as you want. In the spirit of Christmas being in less than 10 days, ornaments were in order. I made assassin's creed, the rebel alliance with two lightsabers in front, chewbacca, and the tardis. Here's how I did it.

Supplies: one piece of brown, white, red and blue felt, fabric paint, a needle, thread, scissors, beads for the top of the the ornaments, stuffing for your ornaments, and one of the most important supplies, a hot glue gun (not pictured).

Steps: Start by cutting out the basic shapes you want of each ornament. Two of the same shape for front and back and then your decorative pieces you want on the front. Because I didn't want to buy black felt I decided to paint pieces of my white felt black for the Tardis sections. For my Chewbacca ornament I painted his section on. 
Adhere your front adornments to one section of  your felt with your hot glue gun. Then place the front and back sections together and stitch around to attach them together. When you have a few inches left insert your stuffing, I used tissues, easy and cheap. Finish stitching and attach your string to the top. Display your ornaments proudly or add them to the front of your gifts as a cute bonus gift! 

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